Cutting My Hair Short

and the lessons I’ve learned since.

About a month ago I decided that I needed a change. I needed something drastic, because of the turmoil I was feeling inside. Turmoil brought on by yet another job loss for my husband, monetary problems, and my own mental health damage. So after much thought and debate I decided to get a haircut. I am thirty-three years old and I’ve never had hair shorter than about my shoulders, but as I looked through Pinterest for ideas I kept coming back to a much shorter cut. A cut that I never in a million years thought I would ever consider.

As I walked into the salon, the butterflies in my stomach were almost enough to make me sick. I sat down in the chair and the stylist asked what kind of cut I wanted. I replied with, “Something short.” Then I pulled up a picture of the haircut that I wanted and showed her a picture. She said, “Ok, let’s do this!” Then, without giving me any chance to back out, 13+ inches of my hair was cut off and then handed to me in a little rubber band.

It was done.

I looked in the mirror as the clippers went up both sides of my head. It felt wonderful to look and see someone else. For a moment I didn’t have to deal with all of the crap piled on my plate.

For a moment I was free.

As I stood up to leave the stylist asked if I would like to donate what was cut off. I told her of course! So then I filled out the paperwork and left.

As I walked out and went home I had no idea the lessons I would learn from the simple act of cutting my hair super short.

First of all, people seem to take me more seriously now. I don’t know for sure why, but for some reason having short hair means a lot of people take me to be in a authoritative position. People seem to be more inclined to listen to me, and to take what I say as truth, no matter the subject matter.

Secondly, on days that I don’t “get ready” (as in put on makeup and do my hair) some people have to give a second glance to make sure I am a woman. It is almost comical that this happens because I am 100% female. But that doesn’t seem to deter the sideways looks I get when I don’t necessarily look feminine.

Third, I have to get ready, no matter what we are doing so that I feel feminine. I don big earrings. I wear lipstick. I make sure that I have eyeliner and mascara on. I paint my nails. I make sure my hair is done. I did all of these things before I cut my hair short, but I do them much more often now that I have short hair. It’s a mental game that I play with myself, because I am terrified of being mistaken for a man, even though I know it is probably going to happen.

Fourth, people will either love it or hate it. I’ve received more compliments about my hair since it’s been short than I have ever gotten. I’ve also ran into a lot of people that say, “You’ve ruined your hair! Why would you cut off all of your gorgeous hair?” I usually shrug off the negative compliments, but I have to admit they do bother me sometimes.

Fifth, people tell me I am “brave” all the time. Sometimes I am not sure if they mean it as a compliment or not, but apparently making such a drastic change is considered “brave.” Or maybe it is having short hair as a woman that is brave. I am not sure, though there was nothing brave about cutting off my hair. It was just a decision that I decided to pursue.

Lastly, (and thankfully) it has been a huge turn on for my husband. One of my biggest fears in cutting my hair short was that my husband would hate it, but quite honestly his reaction has been the absolute opposite of hate. He loves my short hair. Even more so than I do.

I am grateful that I cut my hair. It has been a really eye opening thing for me to do. If you are a woman, and you are considering cutting your hair short, I say go for it. It’s fun, and super easy to do. You might even end up loving it.

And even if you don’t, it’s just hair.

And it will grow back.

As always, thanks for reading!

Wife, mom, artist, writer. Jack of all trades, but master to none. I know I could be someone if given the chance. I am here to learn and grow, will you join me?

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